Bridget Slater

Versatile fiddle player with a passion for folk and traditional music.
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Musician Profile: Bridget Slater

Instrument: Fiddle
  • Favourite Tune Type: A slow jig, but I'm fickle, tomorrow I will probably answer something else!
  • Favourite Instrument: My grandads Wheatstone English Concertina. I can’t play it, but I will keep trying as it reminds me of him.
  • Favourite Gig: Playing under the stars in a Roman amphitheater overlooking Florence. I was 16 and it was my first time touring abroad, I was hooked.
  • Favourite Drink: A large mug of Earl grey tea, with milk.
  • Bridget Slater is a versatile musician combining a background in classical music with a passion for folk and traditional music. Having enthusiastically taken up the violin at school due to the offer of free lessons, she went on to earn a degree from the Royal Northern College of Music.

    Improvisation is the key to her playing style, and she is an experienced performer with a busy practice including session work, concert performance, and playing for many kinds of traditional dance forms.

    She also has a thriving private tuition practice and is music director at the Band on the Wall ‘World of Music Discovery’ club. She spends her spare time dedicated to the maintenance and operation of an historic wooden oil tanker and spent lockdown learning to identify birds by their song.