What is a Ceilidh anyway?

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At its root, the word simply means ‘a social visit’. Over time it’s evolved to refer to a social event, where people gather to listen to traditional Scottish, Irish and English dance tunes and take part in traditional dancing. It’s been happening for centuries (they didn’t call it ‘traditional’ back then though)! The really special thing about ceilidh dancing though, is how fun and embracive it is.

Ceilidhs are always inclusive; anyone can join in and the caller will encourage everyone. The steps can be as simple or as complex as you’re game for. And, although you start most dances partnered up, the very nature of a ceilidh means that everyone ends up dancing with each other at some point. This means a barn dance is perfect for breaking the ice at a corporate function and it’s even more fun at a birthday party or wedding.

Author: <a href="https://hilltopceilidh.band/band_member/james-kerry/" target="_blank">James Kerry</a>

Author: James Kerry

Hilltop’s founding member, James Kerry is an established professional melodeon/button accordionist from Kent – but don’t let the location fool you, he is lucky enough to have performed at festivals, functions and events across the UK and Europe. James is most well known for his roles within the Hilltop Ceilidh Band and Foot Down (an alternative-folk-rock band).

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